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High-quality digital versions of photos for print publications and web sites, and promotional material in PDF Format.

Bios and Press Kits

Jean-Michel Pilc Bio, Quotes & Discography - PDF - DOC

Jean-Michel Pilc Bio en Français - PDF - DOC

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"Essential" Press Kit - PDF

Jean-Michel Pilc Press Kit (articles not included above) - PDF

Pilc Moutin Hoenig Press Kit (main) - PDF

Pilc Moutin Hoenig Press Kit (additional articles) - PDF


Color Portrait © Mathieu Zazzo (high resolution) - JPG

Color Portrait © Mathieu Zazzo (medium size) - JPG

At the Piano 1 © Steven Sussman (high resolution) - JPG

At the Piano 1 © Steven Sussman (medium size) - JPG

At the Piano 2 © Jim Rice (high resolution) - JPG

At the Piano 2 © Jim Rice (medium size) - JPG

Educator Material

One Sheet - PDF

Resume - PDF

Quotes - PDF

Book "It's About Music" Press Release - PDF


Technical Rider: Backline and Stage Setup

For Jean-Michel Pilc Solo: PDF

For Jean-Michel Pilc "Reinvention" Trio: Please consult us

For Jean-Michel Pilc "Big One" Octet: Please consult us

For Pilc Moutin Hoenig: PDF

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