May 10, 2011: release of Live Solo CD "Essential" on Motéma

"What I'm in search of is exceptions," jazz pianist Jean-Michel Pilc explains.
His new live concert recording, Essential, due out May 10, 2011 on Motéma Music, intimately captures an exceptional series of improvisations on both brand-new and classic themes. It's a vivid display of the individuality that American audiences have come to expect since his arrival in New York in 1995. “Jean-Michel's humor, unpredictability, complete commitment to the moment - no matter what it brings - I find all of that amazing and different about him. I am also fascinated that no matter how still he gets, you can always feel the pulse of the beat in the music and in the air around him, says Motéma Music President Jana Herzen. “I was at the show when he recorded this album and I was very impressed at how he sometimes would sit silently for a while just waiting for inspiration to arrive.