Jean-Michel Pilc Solo

Also available as guest artist and for clinics & masterclasses.

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Jean-Michel Pilc Octet "New Big One"

Jean-Michel Pilc, piano and composition - Rhys Tivey, tp - John Beaty, alto sax - Jerome Sabbagh, tenor sax - Joe Beaty, tb - Muriel Vergnaud, fl - Or Bareket, bass - Jerad Lippi, dr

In 2013, Jean-Michel has been granted a Fellowship by the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation, in the Music Composition category. The project is an octet, "New Big One", featuring all new, original music.

Jean-Michel Pilc's love of jazz is, first and foremost, the love of improvised chamber music. This new project is a continuation of the process which was at the heart of the original "Big One", a 13-piece band with which Jean-Michel performed and recorded in France in the 90s. In a way, "New Big One" is to "Big One" what Jean- Michel Pilc now is to Jean-Michel Pilc 20 years ago. His 20 years of musical life in New York City have emphasized the rhythmic element, the swing and the groove. It has also allowed him to meet some exceptional musicians, who are featured this project and which unique and powerful individualities and sounds are a crucial ingredient of the collective inspiration and chemistry - the latter being, as always, central elements of Jean-Michel's music.

Jean-Michel Pilc Trio + 1

Jean-Michel Pilc, piano and whistle - Sam Minaie, bass - Ross Pederson, drums

A Quartet of Three Musicians.

Listen to the music (from a live performance in NYC, Oct 2012):

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Jean-Michel Pilc / André Ceccarelli / Thomas Bramerie - "20"

New CD - More info + link to listen to excerpts HERE

Jean-Michel Pilc / Kenny Werner Duo

Jean-Michel Pilc / Sylvain Luc Duo