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Jean-Michel Pilc / Bastien Dupriez - A short film on "Liza" (Gershwin)

Liza is an abstract film by Bastien Dupriez that takes its name from a composition by George Gershwin, interpreted by Jean-Michel Pilc. It is a visual transcription of the music. Animation: Bastien Dupriez Music : Liza (Gershwin) - Jean-Michel Pilc, solo piano - from CD “Parallel” (Challenge records, 2018) Technique: 35mm film April 2020

PLAYLIST: Everything You Always Wanted to Know About C Scale But Were Afraid to Ask + Other Performance Videos

Music by Jean-Michel Pilc
Filmed at Zante Jazz Festival, Greece, May 20, 2014.

PLAYLIST: Playing what you hear *Jazz Improvisation* Exercise Jazz Lesson Video Excerpt + Other Educational Videos

Go to for more FREE Jean-Michel Pilc Videos! This was an excerpt from the Jean Michel Pilc Jazz Improvisation Lesson/Masterclass video/DVD entitled "True Jazz Improvisation".
Jam-packed Jazz Improvisation Lessons: 2h Lesson, 60-min Interview, PDFs and more.

Pilc Moutin Hoenig - Nardis

Jean-Michel Pilc, p - François Moutin, b - Ari Hoenig, d - Recorded March 2010 during "Threedom" recording sessions at Peter Karl Studios, Brooklyn.